Come with me on a journey where we will explore, investigate, manipulate and interact with some familiar and some not so familiar Teacher Delivery Technologies.

On the way ask yourself:-
- how can this tool be used to support what and how students learn?
- does this tool meet individual learning needs?
- does this tool allow student's to develop higher order skills and creativity?

This Blog - Transforming Student Learning aims to comprehensively explore a range of delivery technologies that are presented throughout the FAHE11001 E-Learning courseware. A systematic attempt to develop skills, knowledge and ability that is required to exploit the potential for E-Learning Education will be made evident via regular Blog Posts. To conclude, a reflective synopsis will clearnly indicate which technologies I would use and how I would use them to enhance learning.

Please feel free to be critical of my posts as I work may way through these tools, but be kind as I am only a "Digital Immigrant"! (Prensky, 2001)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Posted by Wendy Hargreaves at Wednesday, August 12, 2009
Microsoft Powerpoint (http://www.microsoft.com/Education/PowerPoint.mspx) explains that teachers/learning managers can "Create compelling presentations with the Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation graphics program. The world's most popular presentation tool in education now has even more to offer. PowerPoint helps students and lecturers communicate effectively with their audiences." Powerpoint may help learning managers to increase productivley and improve collaboration through implementing the use of Powerpoints within their classroom.

Great Education Powerpoint templates - Need to pay a subscription: http://www.animationfactory.com/en/search/index.html

Free Powerpoint templates : http://www.brainybetty.com/educators2.htm

Other Free Stuff to enhance your PowerPoints:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Wendy for tracking down some cool free stuff to enhance our Powerpoint presentations.


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